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Charitable Donations


Digital Transformation
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35 Countries around the world
200+ Churches
$30 million in transaction
5000+ Customers
One stop solution
+ Seamless Migration
One stop solution to grow and streamline your giving and to improve your church engagement. Connect with your congregation at all times and keep them up to date with all that’s happening in the church with our custom mobile app for churches.
No hidden costs
+ 24/7 Support
Start using Crosspay Giving for free! In-app and Web Giving for £0 per month. We do not have any binding contracts or monthly subscription charges and we do not charge any set up fee. No other hidden costs as well!

We are known for our excellence in customer service. We are here to handhold you through every step of the process and we have a dedicated team operating 24/7 just for your service whenever you need us. Get in touch and we are always happy to help!

How we can help

Giving Solutions
Giving Solution
Automates donation collection, Multi-platform, 24/7 Receiving and sending
Giving Solutions
Church Management Software
Manage Operations, Attendance, Reports, Events
Giving Solutions
Custom Apps
Boost participation, Feature sermons, Engage community
Giving Solutions
Helpful service
Experienced and dedicated team
Giving Solutions
Mobile App
Give 24/7, Up-to-date Information, Awareness, Volunteer
Giving Solutions
Give 24/7, Up-to-date Information, Awareness, Volunteer
Easy access to activities, Participation, Real-time content
Giving Solutions
Donation Tracking
Track your Giving 24/7
Giving Solutions
Eliminates Need To Carry Cash Or Paper
Eliminates Need To Carry Cash Or Paper
Giving Solutions
Better Financial Transparency
Better Financial Transparency
Giving Solutions
Better Financial Transparency
Institutions welcome Charities working within all regulatory frameworks
Giving Solutions
Better ‘Know Your Donor’
Awareness of current and historical data
Giving Solutions
Send Money To Over 120 Countries
Comprehensive and competitive solutions for payments
Giving Solutions
Pay Missionaries / Support Staff
Cross-border payments feature is included in the same app
Giving Solutions
Low Cost And Quick Transfers
Low Cost And Quick Transfers


Frequently Asked Questions

a. How can my Church / Charity be listed on Crosspay Giving?
Register your interest using the form above and we would be in touch with you. Our dedicated team is here to answer all your queries and handhold you through every step of the process. For churches and charities, we follow a straightforward onboarding process where we just need to verify a few details and once done, you are all set to be listed on the app/web and start receiving donations.
b. What is digital transformation? And how does Crosspay Giving help in achieving this for churches and charities?
Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technology to fundamentally transform the way organizations operate and deliver value to customers. Using cutting edge technology Crosspay Giving facilitates convenient electronic payment solutions for churches and charities that allows its members to donate through its website or its app. Crosspay Giving is a total payment ecosystem that can reduce the cost for the churches in terms of labour and human resources. As payments are digital, the user is giving the consent digitally, and giving reports are available immediately.
c. What are the ways people can donate through Crosspay Giving?
We accept all major payment methods. Members can donate using Credit or Debit cards (including VISA and MasterCard).
d. Does Crosspay Giving support designated Giving?
Yes, Crosspay Giving supports designated giving. We can add as many funds or designations (such as Tithes, Offerings, Special Offerings, Missions, Building Funds etc) as you need. These would be made available to the donors on both the App and the web to ensure that their donations are made to the relevant cause.
e. Is Crosspay Giving secure?
Crosspay Ltd is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (FRN 720157) for the provision of payment services. For the Giving product, we work only with regulated payment service providers. Crosspay is also committed to data security. We use multiple technologies and procedures to help protect data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Safe and secure transfer of payments is our primary objective. We ensure that our website and mobile app is secure by using industry standard encryption. All the partner companies we use to process payments are also required to comply with strict security and privacy standards.
f. Are there any customization options for our Church or Ministry?
Yes, we understand that the branding matters. That is why we have created an option to customize the giving experience for your church/charity from start to finish. This branded experience helps you keep every element of the giving experience built around the look and feel of your church’s/charity’s brand. Get in touch with us if you need more details on this.
g. Do churches get statements and reports of the donations received for accounting purposes?
es, our comprehensive dashboard to view reports and insights for churches and charities included as part of the package provides a clear picture of where all your donations are coming from, helping you better manage your financials. These can even be downloaded easily and uploaded directly to your accounting platforms if needed!
h. I am a UK based church/charity. Can we get help claiming our Gift Aid?
Yes, absolutely! Gift Aid allows UK charities to claim back the basic tax rate already paid on donations by the donor which means that, we can help you claim back 25% of the received donation from the government. That is £25 as gift aid for every £100 received, increasing the value of the total donation to £125! Leave the manual processing of the donations made through Crosspay Giving to us so that you could just focus on transforming your community and spreading the love of Jesus! Please contact us for more details.

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